TITANIUM has had the honor and privilege of working, collectively, with both choruses and quartets. With our tag-team approach, we are able to cover many different aspects of the chorus and quartet experience - from directing, choreography, to working with the whole group or

having one-on-one sessions with sections/individual voice parts.

Here is what people are saying about their experience working with us...

Lone Star.PNG
Lone Star Chorus
Region 10, SAI

Chorus Retreat Weekend
(February 2022)

The ladies of Titanium gave our chorus their all! They poured their experience into their coaching, helping our chorus, and me personally grow in this craft. What a difference in the sound, emotion, and energy we had after spending time with them. They put the “fun” in fundamentals! Thank you ladies for helping prepare me for my first contest in Sweet Adelines. - Leslie S.

Working with TITANIUM was a blessing in disguise! Not only are the ladies the best, but they’re funny, gracious, and make you feel like they’ve known you their whole lives. I learned so much about different aspects of singing from breathing techniques (which is awesome because I have had trouble keeping breath support since I had COVID), stamina exercises, proper ways to stretch my body to make me a better singer, how to sing “from my ears”, and how to perform. If anyone has the opportunity to do so, have them around because it was worth every second.  - Julie F.

The ladies of Titanium are the epitome of grace and professionalism.

They are truly kind-hearted, immensely talented and fiercely dedicated to helping their singing community to improve and foster a deeper love for the art of barbershop. I look forward to the next time I have an opportunity to work with them! - April N.

These girls were amazing. They were so knowledgeable and shared that knowledge with energy, laughs, emotions and the love of Barbershop. I loved them all and hope I am fortunate enough to be coached by them again. Count me in as a fan forever. Love you girls.  - Sandra B.

I would have Titanium back any time. As one of the directors, I felt comfortable being coached and singing on the risers. They were intelligent, funny, and personable. I'm hoping they come again.

- Charlotte H., Co-Director

Song of Seattle Chorus
Region 13, SAI

Virtual Visit (June 2021)

Song of Seattle Chorus spent an evening with Titanium tonight - fabulous!! So engaging, authentic and willing to share and answer any question we came up with. We loved every minute and feel like we really know them now. They share the wonderful gift of themselves with ease and honesty - totally delightful!

-Paula Davis, Director

Bella Voce 5-27.jpg
Bella Voce Chorus
Region 8, SAI

Virtual Visit (May 2021)

It was wonderful to have Titanium join our Zoom tonight.

They are wonderful people with worthy goals and warm hearts!

-Anna-Lisa Glad, Co-Director

Greater Harmony Chorus
Region 17, SAI

Virtual Visit (March 2021)

The ladies of TITANIUM are just awesome people. The insights that they gave us into the building of their quartet and how they practice were top notch. Add to the fact that they are just such personable people and they were just what the doctor ordered during our virtual chorus rehearsal.

Each section of our chorus learned from the members of the quartet individually, and then the whole chorus learned what makes an international-level quartet tick. All of this was wrapped up in some of the most personable people a person could ever meet!

-Michael Hengelsberg, Director

Sound of New England
Region 1, SAI

Virtual Visit (January 2021)

Love Love Love the energy TITANIUM had visiting our rehearsal! It was admirable to see the respect they have for all sized groups! It was also encouraging to see how receptive to all generas of music they are! You can feel their love for music resonate as they speak of their love for singing. Cheeks cramped more than once from laughing! The way thoughts and ideas conveyed are authentic & positive leaving a tingling resilient afterglow. Thank you for coming to our rehearsal & can’t wait till next time!

- Andrea J Sokolowski

Lake Ridge Legacy Chorus
Region 17, SAI
Area 4, HI

Virtual Visit (November 2020)

Titanium visited our chorus Zoom rehearsal for a Q and A session and they were all just AMAZING! Any and all questions we had they were able to give us detailed answers pertaining to voice part and how to use our instruments consistently. The way they shared their knowledge about our craft, and advice given was just fantastic and I am so thankful and grateful that they were able to share their time with us.

- Melisa

What a wonderful session! I learned so much and truly enjoyed the time!

- Jennifer Weigl

What a wealth of knowledge from this seasoned quartet! All of them friendly, kind, funny and smart. What a treasure! Thank you!

Kinetic 2.png
Kinetic Quartet
Region 4, SAI

Virtual Visit (November 2020)

My quartet loved spending some time in a virtual visit with Titanium. We were able to sing a couple songs for them (we were together but socially distanced!), so they had a sense of where we are in our journey, and they shared great insights and advice. They also gave thoughtful challenged about places we can improve as a unit and as singers. Really appreciate their generosity and willingness to share their time and talent.

Definitely a bright spot in a tough year. Thank you, Titanium!

-Jennifer Palus

Rich-Tone Chorus
Region 25, SAI

Virtual Visit (October 2020)

What a joy to have the 4 of you last night at our Global Open House! Thank you for sharing your contest stories, inspiration, and insight, and giving all of us a peek inside your quartet life. It was an absolute pleasure to watch your finals set again and to see all the enthusiastic reactions in the chat. We love you all and are so proud of you and your accomplishments! Thank you for spending time with us last night. #InstabangsForever

-Deidra Brown, Team Coordinator

What a joy to have TITANIUM join our Zoom rehearsal! They told competition stories and some behind-the-scenes things that had gone on during contest week. We watched the finals package from New Orleans and our Zoom chat was lighting up with excitement over the whole set.

It was so great to see the joy on everyone's faces as we watched the performance. They shared photos and overall encouragement and excitement with the chorus!

Haven't had them join your Zoom rehearsal yet? What are you waiting for?

-Kelli Hinton

Crescent City Sound Chorus
Region 10, SAI

Virtual Visit (October 2020)

Crescent City Sound Chorus loves Titanium!!!!! They Zoomed in with us for our Halloween rehearsal and got right into the "spirit" with costumes and fun! They are truly generous and loving in addition to experienced and knowledgeable. Each Section had one on one time with the quartet member in their part. We all had a blast getting to know them better. What a blessing they are to Sweet Adelines as singers, educators, and ambassadors! Thank you Connie, Melody, Holly, and Lindsay!

- Mary Beth McMurray, Director

Harmony on the Sound Chorus
Region 1, SAI

Virtual Visit (October 2020)

I was delighted to see and hear from this wonderful quartet. Lindsay shared warm-ups that we had learned but forgotten...good to remember! And Holly‘s “grunt work” was also a learned Concept reintroduced and will prove helpful for small group and individual Work on new songs.

I am so happy to have met them!

- Annette Landry

It was such a pleasure to spend time with TITANIUM! Not only did you generously share practical tips on everything from vowel production to long distance rehearsal techniques, you also modeled humor, humility, and an eagerness to take advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow.

- Christine Hayes

Kansas City 1020.png
Kansas City Chorus
Region 5, SAI

Virtual Visit (October 2020)

These Ladies are so REAL! So fun to talk to them about their journey!

- Michelle Hunget


Thank you, Titanium, for taking the time to "drop in" on our Kansas City Chorus Zoom meeting on October 20! It was so much fun for us to meet each of you individually and get to know you better. We were disappointed when our Christmas show was canceled and we weren't going to get to see you in person as our guest quartet. But happily you will be joining us for 2021's Christmas show! We loved watching your finals package from 2019's International and can't wait to hear more from you!

Hugs and love from KCC!

- Kay Bromert

Sugar Land Sound.png
Sugar Land Sound
Region 10, SAI

Virtual Visit (October 2020)

TITANIUM was such a joy!

A real shot in the arm during our pandemic Zoom rehearsals! They were warm and friendly. Our Zoom with them was like having Barbershop coffee with new friends. Their offer to visit was such a kind act of giving back to our organization. Real people, real talent, real singers and now real friends of Sugar Land Sound chorus in Region 10!

Thank you TITANIUM for sharing your time with us. Love to all 4!

-Holly Ritter, Director

Lake Country for website.jpg
Lake Country Harmony 
Region 25, SAI

Coaching Weekend (May 2018)

TITANIUM posted they wanted to start coaching and when I read that,

I jumped at the chance to use them.  

The first half of the day, the ladies worked with their section providing all kind of neat tricks and advice, then in the afternoon, we put the parts together and waalaa, we had a new and different sound. 

My chorus learned and retained so much that day. I highly recommend TITANIUM for coaching, especially for the small chorus.

They were fun, educational, organized, and energetic.

All of my girls said they wanted to grow up and be TITANIUM. 

Don't miss an opportunity to work with these ladies.

-Teresa Arrington, Director

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